Pink October is in full swing and it’s only right we take a moment to highlight that breast cancer is among the most common forms of cancer in women. Treatment varies but the diagnosis and recovery can be overwhelming and taxing.

With that in mind, Mycore is launching a free Pilates session designed to aid post breast cancer recovery, on the 23rd of October from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. 

Pilates during breast cancer recovery has shown to have far-reaching benefits, both mentally and physically, improving confidence, self-esteem, body image along with improved mobility, strength and flexibility. The exercises repattern muscles slowly and effectively, bringing back the mobility, strength and flexibility lost during breast cancer treatment. 

Additionally, the Pilates principles of breathing brings back rhythm to bodily movements and steady breathing. Calming your nervous system, it enables the upper body to release tension and encourages the lymphatic drainage to avoid lymphedema.

The journey from cancer diagnosis to recovery is a long one, and is one that takes a massive toll on any survivor. A consistent Pilates practice can do much in alleviating pain, calming your mind and getting back on the road to normalcy by giving survivors an active role to play in their healing. 

If you are looking for inspiration, support and a safe environment to recover, join Mycore on the 23rd of October.