Perfume is that aromatic melody that carries a lot of mystery, and unlike anything else, it is the precious piece that we wear and draws attention to us, without anyone seeing it, as it is invisible, but it is the most prominent presence in the elegance of women and men alike.

Precious perfumes are very expensive as they come from luxury brands. We met the founder of SprinklesByRita, the world of luxury perfumes at affordable prices, Mrs. Rita Daaboul Habib to tell us about the fragrances available to her and the secrets of fragrances.

How did the idea for SprinklesByRita come about?

It has always been my passion and my dream to launch my own project that contains luxury perfumes, as I am one of the people who loves the world of perfumes and to discover all novelties. With the onset of the economic crisis after the outbreak of the Corona virus, and since the smell of perfume is closely related to memories and people who passed in our lives and affected us, the idea of ​​SprinklesByRita was launched as an online page on social media that provides luxury perfumes at affordable prices for everyone and helps them document their beautiful memories. It was by chance that I got to know an important person and an expert in the field of perfumes, and he offered to help making this dream come true.

What are SprinklesByRita perfumes special about and how are they manufactured?

Sprinkles means sprinkles and reflects beautiful colors that add positivity, optimism, and aromas. Some believe that the precious perfumes issued by luxury brands contain 100 percent natural ingredients, but this is not true, first because of the high cost of extracting those ingredients, which these brands cannot afford, and second because synthetic ingredients are more available and allow the possibilities of Broad and versatile that natural ingredients cannot provide. SprinklesByRita perfumes are made with premium French essential oils that are indistinguishable from the original fragrance, the smell is one hundred percent and it stays on the skin for a long time. We import these oils from France and they are packaged in Lebanon in special bottles available in several sizes and also in special packaging according to occasions (Mother’s Day, birthdays, New Year’s Days, etc.).

What does the SprinklesByRita perfume collection include?

SprinklesByRita offers a diverse range of international fragrances for men, women and children alike, as well as oriental fragrances dominated by amber, musk and oud. We have a collection of scents for the spring and summer season, with summery notes rich in delicate floral scents (jasmine, freesia, violet, peony…) and refreshing citruses (orange, lemon, grapefruit…) as well as fruity (apple, pear, peach, raspberry…), pineapple…) It also has some delicious notes such as vanilla and coconut that are suitable for vacation times. The perfume bottles are available in different sizes to suit customers’ requirements, in addition to the Splash perfume bottle for daily consumption.

Do you produce other than perfume?

In addition to making perfumes, SprinklesByRita is known for making perfumed soaps in a variety of shapes and scents, and medicated soaps for the face, which I learned from a woman I respected very much. We noticed that there is a great demand for soap, just like perfume, because it is a beautiful idea that adorns many occasions, most of which are birthdays.

How is the process of choosing perfumes by customers? How would you describe their reaction?

Usually, our customers choose fragrances according to the different seasons of the year, choosing light scents in the summer, while adopting heavy, strong and pungent scents during the winter, such as amber, musk, citrus and vanilla. But this is not a fixed rule in the world of perfume, in the last ten years, perfumes tend to be stronger and more sweet, with little change from season to season. Thus, it is no longer necessary to stick to certain scents during the different seasons of the year. As for our customers’ reaction, it is always positive and nice, and I make sure that my relationship with them is strong, and I have won several friends after getting to know them as customers. We are also always open to feedbacks to develop our products and to preserve SprinklesByRita’s reputation.

– What are your future projects?

We always seek to develop and expand our reach, praise to God, there are orders coming from outside Lebanon, and recently we launched workshops to teach soap making in nurseries and places dedicated to children’s activities, and we noticed that these workshops were the focus of attention for many schools and individuals.

I’m happy because I succeeded in conveying my idea and my industry to many people, especially in these difficult circumstances in which the individual is no longer able to buy perfumes because they are expensive. SprinklesByRita perfumes add a touch of happiness, optimism and fond memories.