The UAE Space Agency has welcomed a high-ranking delegation of senior Finnish officials to its headquarters in Abu Dhabi for talks aimed at strengthening cooperation in space technology, science and innovation.

The UAE Space Agency greeted a delegation joined by H.E. Marianne Nissilä, the Ambassador of Finland to the UAE where she was joined by Dr Minna Palmroth, Director of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space. The representatives discussed a wide range of topics in space sciences, technology, research and development, engineering and more.

They also explored how to jointly catalyze innovation in the space sector by creating social and economic growth for citizens in both countries. The UAE Space Law 2019 aims to create a regulatory environment that stimulates investment, promotes expansion of a competitive private sector and sets strict safety, security and environmental measures relating to all space-related activities.

The UAE and Finland have a strong bilateral partnership built on decades of cooperation in priority industries including science and technology. It was a pleasure to welcome Marianne Nissilä and Dr Minna Palmroth to our headquarters in Abu Dhabi and explore opportunities to guide the development of a sustainable, competitive and resilient new-age space industry. We are committed to building stronger bilateral relationships to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This will support groundbreaking research, advances in cutting-edge technology, the growth of a competitive private sector and inspire the next generation of future space leaders.

The UAE and Finland have strong partnership with close economic, business and investment ties. Today, the UAE is Finland’s largest trading partner in the Middle East and there has been a growing interest from Finnish companies looking to enter the UAE market.

Finland boasts a competitive space industry, with expertise across cutting-edge space and atmospheric research, electronics and software. Local companies and research organizations from Finland have been involved in the design and preparation of numerous satellites and nanosatellites for the European Space Agency, including the recently launched BepiColombo – the most advanced probe to ever visit Mercury.

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