Led by Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, in partnership with Cosmetic Valley France and COSMED, the France pavilion will host 84 French exhibitors at this year’s Beautyworld Middle East. This event is the largest international trade fair for the beauty industry, and is an opportunity for French companies to showcase their expertise and new products to regional partners.

A major event and a source of opportunity for French companies in the region

Beautyworld Middle East is the leading cosmetics trade fair in the Middle East. The 2021 edition will feature a largely new and very diverse range of French companies, with no fewer than 56 new exhibitors specialising in different areas: natural cosmetics, phytocosmetics, perfumes, luxury and innovative cosmetics, nutricosmetics, aromatherapy, soaps, hair products and treatments, raw materials, packaging, professional beauty equipment.  This year, a whole host of new trends will be on show at the France pavilion, with companies increasingly focused on ecology developing new lines based on natural products, but also new concepts such as customisable cosmetic solutions that can be tailored to individual needs. The French pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East will also host the “French Buzz Corner” which is dedicated to innovation with 14 French startups. The fair should attract a lot of interest from visitors, as this edition has been eagerly awaited by the professional community.

Opportunities for France in the region

The Middle East is a very promising region, as it has a young population with a high disposable income. This is particularly true of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which are considered priority markets. The COVID19 pandemic has affected the market but has also acted as a trend accelerator. Consumers are now more sensitive to natural and eco-responsible products; they are looking for high value-added and innovative products, halal certification, organic formulas, ethical brands and tailor-made products. In addition, a total transformation of the customer experience is needed, as COVID has forced Arab consumers to change their purchasing behaviour. Beauty tech has become very popular, prompting us to rethink consumption patterns. This is a real boon for French companies, whose products should be a perfect match for the Arab market. France is the largest supplier to the United Arab Emirates, ahead of the United States, Germany and Italy, with a steady share of around 23% of imports. French know-how is widely recognised by consumers in the Middle East. Thanks to the diversity and excellence of their offering, French companies should be able to meet the requirements of trend-savvy consumers.

“The level of accessibility in Dubai is incomparable to that in any other country; for us, it’s a chance to meet an international audience that we cannot reach from France. As a government agency, Business France has been organizing a French pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East for 25 years now, and although it’s in a different part of the world, this trade fair has even impacted the French market. So, it’s vital that we’re there”; commented Caroline Escudier, Head of the France Pavilion at Beautyworld Middle East.

French excellence in cosmetics

This sector contributes significantly to France’s influence worldwide, and generated EUR 12.29 billion in turnover in France in 2019 (cosmetics and perfumery- source: FEBEA 2019). While French cosmetics break export records every year, France is best known for its ability to innovate: creative concepts, customisation, technological advances (formulation of innovative active ingredients), environmental commitment, development of beauty tech.

This is in addition to the appeal of the Made in France label, which is synonymous with quality and expertise. France’s perfume and cosmetics landscape is very diverse and has much to offer, guaranteeing it a dominant position in both its domestic market and elsewhere.

Business France will be hosting a networking evening for French exhibitors and local players in the beauty and cosmetics sector with the support of French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics group Pierre Fabre.

“As illustrated by the group’s motto “Taking Care, Living Better”, we take care of life by developing innovating solutions from health to beauty inspired by consumers and patients. And by placing nature and pharmaceuticals ethics at the heart of our operations, we are contributing to a better life for everyone. Pierre Fabre is keen on developing its business in UAE, being top of mind among Doctors, Pharmacists, and consumers. This will drive the synergy between our R&D activities, services, and strategies. Our investments will focus on growing the dermo-cosmetics and pharma markets in line with the market dynamics and the consumer expectations” stated Naim Hanna, General Manager Middle East and Gulf at Pierre Fabre Group.