The sixth edition of the Grand Prix Jamil Saliba – International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing – will be held on Saturday, June 12, at Hippodrome of Cidade Jardim, Jockey Club de São Paulo. Held on 1,400 meters on turf, for three-year-old and upwards and up to four victories with a purse of R$20,000, the race brings together the best horses of the season, adding 11 wins among the competitors. Along with the GP Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, GP Jamil Saliba is one of the most traditional in São Paulo, with the participation of the best animals of the season

The seven best Arabian horses of the 2020-2021 season will participate in the race – four bred by Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda. and two by Claudio Roberto Ribas. They are: Obstinado Rach (two second places, Atentaddo VE x Obsession Rach by Voltaire Rach), Gunther Rach (two wins, Eksort Rach x Geneve AJR by Second Chall), Mahatma Rach (four wins, *Sarmata x Magic All Rach by Ulisses Rach), RG El Bak (two wins, RG Karat x *Endora by Wojslaw), RG Kemir (*Zapal x CSM Campaign by *Eksport), Mentor Rach (three wins, *Sarmata x. Musa Rach by *Polonez) and RG Kansas (*Zapal x RG Kasja by Cáceres CSM). And the battle for victory promises to be exciting.

Son of Lebanese and Syrian, Jamil Saliba was the biggest supporter of Arabian horse racing in Brazil since its beginning, in the first phase of Arab horse racing in 1990. When he was a member of the Board of the Jockey Club of São Paulo, he contributed a lot to the realization of first Arabian races in Cidade Jardim, including participating with his horses of the Rach Stud, as well as being a member of the Racing Committee of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA).

Years later, in 1995 at the Hippodrome do Cristal, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and 2002 at the Hippodrome Tarumã, Jockey Club do Paraná, through Rach Stud, Jamil Saliba has always collaborated to carry out the races, sending a significant number of animals to the same.

For his sons, Ricardo Jamil Saliba and Paulo Jamil Saliba, he has always been an example and model of dedication for his love of the Arabian horse.

Ricardo Saliba said: “In these 36 years of breeding Arabian horses, he has been the main motivator for us to breed Arabian. The races were always a great motivation for him, who participated in all phases, in addition to being his favorite sport in the bred of the Arabian horse, more than the exhibitions.”

“GP Jamil Saliba has enormous meaning for us. Our father was one of the biggest supporters of Arabian Horse racing in Brazil, especially in this resumption since 2013. When we returned to racing, our father embraced and encouraged the idea and was always present at all races until days before he left us in March 2015.

He always believed that the Arabian horse, to be complete, needed to run, because it is the original racehorse and the main responsible for the formation of the English Thoroughbred. It is an opinion that we share and we intend to always take it forward, in addition to relying on the support of breeders, owners and the general public”, said Paulo Jamil Saliba.

According to ABCCA’s Racing Director, Almir José Ribeiro, “it is important to emphasize that this traditional GP is a tribute to Mr. Jamil Saliba and his family, who, through Rach Stud, have been breeding the Arabian horse for nearly four decades. It is one of the only breeders in the world to have champions in all disciplines, from Exhibition to Endurance, Racing, Jumping and Performance. Really, one of the pillars of the Arabian’s bred in the world”.

The Saliba Family’s connection with the Arabian Horse dates back to the times when Rachid Saliba, Jamil Saliba’s father, competed in Arabian Horse racing in Syria, before immigrating to Brazil. Horse breeding has always been one of the family’s activities, which since the mid-1970s has been involved with national breeds. In 1985 the family officially started breeding the Arabian horse through the Rach Stud, named in honor of his patriarch, and founded by Jamil Saliba and his sons.

Grande Prêmio Jamil Saliba – International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing is organised by the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association in partnership with the Jockey Club de São Paulo.