Jacob & Co. has just unveiled further options for its “Office Supplies” jewelry collection with Virgil Abloh. These new editons continue with the paper clip design but introduce all-new metal options and stone setting. This time around, we see a bracelet with a green color scheme fully set with emeralds. Other updates include a plain rose-gold version and a rainbow version set with several colorful gemstones.

A simple yet modern representation of nostalgia, the paperclip is reminiscent of youthful creations when paperclips became chains, bracelets, and more. Through the “Office Supplies” collection, Mr. Arabo and Mr. Abloh transform simplicity into luxury by reinterpreting a universal past time through high craftsmanship and exceptional materials such as white and yellow diamonds.

Jacob & Co. and Mr. Abloh have deserved reputations for revolutionizing their respective fields. Reinventing an ordinary object like a paperclip was a unique twist from Mr. Abloh.

The collection consists of money clips, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, in 18k yellow, white, or rose gold.   Each paperclip is engraved with “Office Supplies” to highlight the inspiration behind the collection.