Empowering women and helping them feel confident in their own skin has been the cornerstone of Danish hair care brand Harklinikken since its inception. This International Women’s Day, Harklinikken continues its commitment to helping thousands of women globally achieve a healthy scalp and beautiful hair through its miracle hair grower Extract and a range of efficacious hair products. 

Hair loss is something that most women face everyday. It can often be a traumatic experience that hampers self-confidence and causes an emotional impact on one’s life. This is generally related to stress, hormonal factors and environmental aggression. Whatever may be the reason, Harklinikken has the solution based on countless years of research and natural ingredients having treated over 100,000 people worldwide. 

At the heart of its treatment program is the Extract, the brand’s signature blend, made with proprietary ingredients that contain no artificial colors, perfumes, petrochemicals, or parabens. Founder, scientist and acclaimed hair guru Lars Skjoth has been privately treating high-profile celebrities for hair loss for over 20 years utilizing this magic blend accompanied by other efficient Harklinikken products.