Jewelry designer Lama Hourani launched her showroom in February 2021. Located in Jingan district/ Shanghai, in a protected lane house. The space features two main spaces that showcase her silver line and her fine jewelry line; her inspiration for the space is derived from Shanghai in the1920’s vs. Shanghai today.

Lama designed her display cabinets and furniture pieces around her jewelry’s core elements; unique forms, timeless lines and playful approach to design, depicted in a pink accent wall, asymmetric display cabinets and a vibrant facade.

Her use of raw and polished marble bases, mixed with concrete based cabinets dipped in quartz crystals and broken antique Chinese ceramics, brings a modern feel and breaks the formality of marble. The outcome is a visual journey into Lama’s mind from the creative process to the final product, utilizing her art & design background to fuse luxury with art.

A Jewelry Designer and an artist at heart, Lama Hourani started her jewelry company back in 2000, her brand is all about storytelling, connecting the world through cultural & artistic references that she recreates and makes her own. 

Her signature style resonates within each piece inspired by her love for art, travel and architecture. Handmade in gold and platinum and fused with the finest precious gems, Hourani also instills one-of-a-kind precious stones into her pieces to comprise an exclusive collection of either one off pieces or a series of limited numbered editions.