Nothing says true love more than a beautiful piece of High Jewelry, and no other maison can compare to the stunning pieces as seen in Messika’s stunning high jewelry collections year after year.

Haute Joaillerie met Haute Couture with the Messika by Kate Moss collection – inspired by Kate’s own jewelry box, bring some glamor along with the sparkle and shine to your own jewelry box. 

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Kate Moss, Valérie Messika: At the heart of a unique high jewelry collection with two strong, spirited women. Using one simple word – freedom – the fashion icon and the diamond jewelry designer have collaborated with spontaneity and sincerity. By each harnessing the other’s art, they have been able to express the different facets of their singular personalities through unbridled creativity. Together, they have created a collection of high fashion jewelry that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse, which pays homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles.