Covid-19 may have dominated the headlines throughout 2020, but audiences tired of the doom and gloom have also been craving some light relief.  

Ruptly, the award-winning international news and multimedia agency, says the past year also saw a substantial increase in demand for softer, non-pandemic-related stories from broadcasters and publishers around the world. 

In the 12 months to December, sales and downloads of lighter content surged by nearly 9% over the previous year as media outlets moved to provide their readers and viewers with funny and entertaining content. Among the most popular were a magnetic man, football-playing goldfish and a pianist playing while dangling from a crane 40m in the air.  

“The challenges everyone faced from Covid-19 made it all the more important for people to find escape, by focusing on the interesting, the absurd, and the other spectacular things that are still happening in the world,” says Matt Tabaccos, Chief Commercial Officer for Ruptly. 

“While Covid-19 was clearly the headline event last year, and probably for this year too, our clients reported there was a real need to balance that out with more positive, upbeat stories, and we had to make sure this was reflected in the breadth and the depth of our coverage. Sourcing such stories was obviously difficult given the reporting and travel restrictions across the planet, so we’re very proud we were able to answer the demand.”