Whether you’re considering elevating your meditation space this new year or creating a calming space in your home that offers a respite from outside stressors, dedicating a space to get your Zen on is crucial, especially after the recent pandemic. While all you need to start meditating is your breath and a silent corner, crafting a place that is quiet and relaxing can instantly make you feel calm and help you escape from the daily grind faster. 

The region’s leading retailer of beauty, fashion and home, Lifestyle have found a few simple ways to help you create your go-to spot with their newly launched home essentials, especially when things start to go south. 

Create a cozy corner

The first step to create your Zen space is to have a comfortable and tranquil vibe. To create this in your home, enhance your space with soft items such as warm cushions, snug blankets and throws from Lifestyle’s latest collection.

Add soothing oils and scents

Incense sticks, scented candles and soothing oils blends are essential when setting up your personalized meditation space. Dab some on your skin or get a diffuser that circulates a relaxing scent and clears your space of all negative energy, available at Lifestyle.

Pay attention to the lighting

A small lamp in your meditation corner that gives off warm light can help you become calmer and tame your mind faster. For evening meditations, candles add the perfect finishing touch to your Zen space.

Keep it minimalistic 

Clutter can block energy from flowing. The clearer your space, the clearer your head so try and keep your sacred space minimal and welcoming. Select objects that mean something special to you and embody the qualities you want more of in your life.