Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS – Middle East & Africa) and Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation affirmed their continued support for Lebanon and their commitment to provide support to the Lebanese people either directly or through its partners, and to work closely with health care providers in Lebanon and specialists in the field of health, to contribute positively to the assistance and support of Lebanese patients and the healthcare community in general.

In light of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the great pressures and challenges that Lebanon is facing as a series of social, security and political disturbances, the most recent being the tragic 4 August 2020 explosion, which left hundreds of victims and widespread destruction throughout the capital Beirut and its suburbs, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS-Middle East & Africa) and Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation grantedcharitable donations worth about $ 100,000. The Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation made the first donation in the wake of the August 4 explosion, while the second donation was distributed by Bristol Myers Squibb Company (BMS – Middle East &Africa) in October 2020 for the International Medical Corps, the Lebanese Red Cross and UNICEF.

Oscar Delgado, General Manager, Bristol Myers Squibb, Middle East & Africa said: “In response to the explosion, we were continuously following up with our partners in Lebanon. We were astonished by how devastating the impact was and it was clear we wanted to do more to tangibly support the population in Lebanon with disaster relief efforts, through experienced organizations onsite that can provide assistance to those displaced or wounded.”

Bristol Myers Squibb Company (BMS – Middle East & Africa) operates according to a common vision and values ​​that unite all the work team and revolves around working to discover, develop and provide innovative drugs to help patients overcome dangerous diseases. The company affirms its unwavering commitment to its patients all over the world and providing them with the necessary services and care. Driven by its belief in the importance of corporate social responsibility, the company is keen to give wide-ranging attention to charitable activities and humanitarian and social initiatives.