Here is Project 3073, a superyacht concept inspired by the Jaguar E-Type, designed for an owner who likes speed, elegance and the novelty factor. That owner already has two Mangusta superyachts, so for his next vessel, he would want something truly out of the ordinary, Feadship chief executive Henk de Vries and head of design Tanno Weeda say in the video below, an episode of a Feadship YouTube series on concepts.

It doesn’t hurt that de Vries is a self-proclaimed car fanatic. He’s looking at the sleek lines of the Jaguar E-Type in order to infuse this superyacht with just the right dose of elegance and timelessness. The yacht is 207 feet (63 meters) long, with a 10-foot (3-meter) extension included to “add to the cool factor on a powerful shallow-draught yacht.”

Project 3073 replaces propellers with an innovative propulsion system that uses water jets, giving it top speeds of up to 30 knots. Even with an electric propulsion system, it would still be able to fly on water at 20 knots, the designers say.

If performance and the clean, sleek, gorgeous lines of this superyacht don’t impress you, there’s always this novelty feature: a full-size glass-bottomed pool on the main deck, situated right above the owner’s stateroom. The lighting in the pool, as well as the people inside it, would provide a “spectacular and constantly evolving ambiance” for the suite below – and whoever is inside it, the designers say.

Oversimplifying, this would be like getting your own, massive fish tank for a ceiling. With real people inside.