Just over a month after his home was razed by the catastrophic explosion in Beirut’s port, Elie Saab has dedicated his newest collection to the Lebanese capital.

Beirut’s magical spirit is essential to Elie Saab’s creation.He designs with Beirut, with its vibrant cultural imaginary and its rich artistic heritage. In this whimsical new collection Elie Saab shares with the world, he invokes the SACRED SOURCE, the throbbing life force that allows Beirut to triumph over and over again. He gives breath to a vestiary of beautiful divinities that embody the essences of his most beloved Beirut.

Everything in this world seems fantastical and unreal, yet it is all so realizable. ELIE SAAB is painting a path onward, a way for his Beirut to shine forward, an ability to dream that gives breath to hope, to a future full of possibilities.