Singapore-based technology company BIGO Technology (BIGO) established its second regional office in Jordan in November last year. During the ongoing pandemic, BIGO has remained committed to strengthening its workforce, and has hired aggressively and tripled its office space in Amman alone. According to Mike Ong, Vice President of BIGO Technology, this number will be increased to 100 within the next month. With three regional offices in MENA – in Cairo, Dubai, and Amman – BIGO is committed to supporting and empowering the digital innovation and start-up ecosystem in the region.

To address critical needs relevant to the current global situation, BIGO is also converting its online platforms and applications into sources of authentic information. The intention is to utilize BIGO’s widely-used interaction and communication platforms as media to provide useful guidelines, so that people are effectively and accurately informed of practices and restrictions to follow in their city or country.

“At present, we are living in a world that is faced with an unprecedented level of uncertainty,” said Mike Ong, “We stand with the people and governments of the Middle East, and join the fight to contain this situation together. We are here to do our small part to support the community in this time of need, helping people to stay connected and well-informed about what is happening around them and how to prevent the further spread of the virus.”

BIGO has always demonstrated a strong commitment towards the MENA region, and has invested in strong corporate presence in the region. The company is inspired by the region’s drive to apply knowledge around technology to enhancing productivity and efficiency.

“Countries in the region are welcoming of innovation, and fast-growing. We believe that we have the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to serve the region, and are seeing significant interest from the youth in exploring the digital future,” said Mike, “We will continue to support the region and its people, expanding our business to create more employment and interaction opportunities. We are looking forward to being a part of the region’s digital transformation and thrive with the communities.”

With its global presence, BIGO Technology has also been actively contributing to countries around the world to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic through providing financial assistance and medical supplies to the local communities. More recently, BIGO held a global 24-hour live campaign “Global BIGOer One World Together” on 14 May 2020 and raised US$100,000 for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

BIGO is a Singaporean technology company that has developed many popular mobile applications such as Bigo Live and imo. In the GCC, BIGO already has strong user base representing more than a third of the GCC population. Worldwide, the company group of BIGO has around 400 million monthly active users across its platforms.