The 68 metre Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht Soaring has been delivered to her owner after successfully completing sea trials.

Launched in January, the custom-built motor yacht returned to the German shipyard in Lemwerder for a handover, having left the yard in March to undergo sea trials in the North Sea. Due to the current circumstances, the delivery celebration was held on a “far smaller scale” than first planned.

Named after the soar of an eagle, Soaring was designed inside and out by Focus Yacht Design who described the vessel as a “custom-made floating home that leaves nothing to be desired by her owner”.

Studio managing director Thomas Mühe said Soaring was both “modern and timeless at the same time.”

Her “sophisticated and elegant” 1,500GT interior can sleep up to 12 in six guest cabins, comprising the master suite on the aft upper deck, which will include sliding doors onto the owner’s aft deck. A library sits on the owner’s deck forward and further accommodation can sleep up to 17 crew.

Soaring’s sundeck meanwhile plays host to a bar and Jacuzzi while a beach club, gym, steam room and swim platform can be found on the lower deck.

304 thoughts on “The 68-meter Abeking & Rasmussen Superyacht Soaring has been Delivered”

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