Spécial Madame Figaro has unveiled their brand new Arabic-language website, www.specialarabia.com, a luxury online fashion, beauty, and lifestyle digital platform. The new website aims to establish itself as a prominent and influential guide to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, with a mission to empower and inspire Arab women across the GCC. Spécial, the leading Lebanese French-speaking monthly magazine, has always been ahead of the curve with its print expertise, and it’s time to reach a broader readership digitally.

www.specialarabia.com will be the in-depth guide to fashion collections and trends, as well as to beauty latest innovations and products, and will feature exclusive interviews, tutorial videos with experts, stories that inspire and empower the modern, stylish and smart Arab woman.

343 thoughts on “A new look for a new season… Spécial Madame Figaro launches their new Arabic-language website”

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