In conjunction with World Heart Day, Yaduna Foundation- Women’s Heart Health Center, in collaboration with Domaine Wardy, launched an awareness campaign aimed at shedding light on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Under the “Here’s to Your Heart” theme, tags with advice on cardiovascular disease will be attached to Wardy wine bottles that are available in all points of sales, in order to urge women to fight their number one killer worldwide.

The tags contain awareness messages about the importance of following a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balanced weight, exercising regularly, controlling blood lipids, and quitting consumption of all tobacco products. Domaine Wardy also contributes in this campaign, by providing financial support to Yaduna, and donating 1,000 Lebanese pounds for each bottle of wine sold.

Yaduna Foundation, gathered at Domaine Wardy winery in the City of Zahle several prominent figures from various Lebanese media outlets, to spend a special day during which they learned about the old tale of Domaine Wardy and savored its fine wines. Participants were informed about the efforts made by the association since its founding in 2012 to save as many women as possible. They were given a detailed explanation of the role of Yaduna, which provides health services for women, from diagnosis to primary treatment, as well as awareness and prevention programs.

Lawyer Fady Karam, secretary of Yaduna Foundation, stressed on the importance of this cooperation with Domaine Wardy to spread the message of awareness of cardiovascular diseases to large segments of the Lebanese society. “Our meeting today with the media and in this unique place, that reflects the excellence of the Lebanese industry, is an indication of the importance of concerted efforts and the collaboration between the private sector and NGOs to provide the necessary care for women protection and empowerment,” he said.

It is important to mention that red wine contains antioxidants, which increase HDL cholesterol levels, protecting arteries from fat accumulation. Studies show that drinking one glass of wine a day may protect against cardiovascular diseases.