The magnetized longwear shimmering makeup sticks that let you highlight, blush, and enhance with their rainbow lineup is adding 5 new unverisal shades to catch the light in ways you’ve never dreamed of.




(AED 130/ QAR 130/ SAR 135/ KWD 11/ BHD 13.50)

A magnetized makeup stick in a longwear, light-as-air shimmer formula to highlight, blush, and enhance now in 15 colorful shades that let you play!  The weightless, cream-to-powder shimmer formula is blendable and lives to be layered. The 5 new shades, ranging from champagne to bordeaux, can be used anywhere on the skin with just a quick swipe. Plus, with a magnetic physical attraction, Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks click to each other, their Matte Skinstick alter egos, and to their ultimate blending partner, the Portable Highlighter Brush 140, for all your beauty needs in one stop.

“I like to look at these Shimmer Skinsticks like I look at my clothes in the closet. Am I doing fun? Am I doing alien? Am I doing weird? Am I doing sexy? Am I doing extra? Am I doing girl next door? You choose. The point is, there are so many and they’re so fun. You can just collect them, magnetize them and use them as you please depending on your mood, your outfit and where you’re going, the occasion.” – Rihanna

How To: For the second step of the Fenty Face, layer that highlight! Match Stix were made to layer. Swipe onto the skin and blend with fingers or with Portable Highlighter Brush 140.

Pro Tip: For a subtle sheen, use your fingers to warm the product on the back of your hand before tapping onto skin. For supercharged glow, top with Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks shade extension will be available August 23, 2019 at,, and across all Sephora Middle Stores.