A play on light and a reverie in time: Damascena Rose, mascerated in an overdose of woods and spices. Introducing Cairo, a new perfume from Penhaligon’s that offers a vibrant invitation to journey through the infinite richness and sensuality of the fabled Egyptian city.
Cairo is a shimmering golden monument to its past. A cradle of scholarship; a centre of commerce. Above, the skyline reflects its mathematical magic, while below, the earth offers up an abundance of scented riches, growing defiantly from the hallowed soil. This Mediterranean melting-pot is home to a thousand minarets and a thousand fragrant gems.
And so, it stands to reason that this evocative new fragrance from Penhaligon’s, a story set in the mystical, majestic Cairo – should be a melting-pot of fragrant gems, too. Understanding that Cairo is both indebted to its history and yet redefining itself in the modern world, perfumer Christophe
Raynaud was inspired by both the present and the past; taking inspiration from both his recent travels to Egypt, and also the Louvre’s collection of Egyptian Antiquities.
To conceive this new olfactive journey to the heart of this mystical city, the perfumer chose iconic ingredients from the ancient spice trade route: saffron and woods.
At first, like the sun rising slowly over the ancient city, the fragrance awakens with an intriguing hint of spice, as Saffron and burning Incense reveal their provocative powers. In Damascena Rose, a thousand and one seductive facets create a full and fascinating heart; drenched with beauty and rich with promise. The balsamic scent of Labdanum, aromatic Cypriol and sweet Vanilla Pod conjure the shimmering mirage of this timeless city. And finally, a triptych of iconic woods: Sandalwood Sri Lanka, Atlas Cedarwood and Patchouli reveal a softer, yet more carnal and sensual destination.