In 1981, Giorgio Armani imagined and created Emporio Armani as an urban, energetic, positive brand, enamoured with youth and freedom: a more experimental version of his style. Emporio Armani became a line for men and women who are free to do, to create and to love.

In 2017 the fragrance duo Because It’s You for her, and Stronger With You for him were born to convey this message and initiate a dialogue of love depicted in the web series “Together Stronger”.  Starring Matilda Lutz as Laura and James Jagger as Paul, the series is focused on a young couple who playfully challenge their love for each other, with their fragrances always accompanying them in all their adventures.

In 2018 the series continued with a second season, where Laura and Paul continue to showcase the strength of their love, and how they are not afraid to show it in every single moment of their life.

In 2019 the story continues with the introduction of two scents: the new feminine In Love With You, and a more intense version of the masculine fragrance, Stronger With You Intensely. Both are brought to life on screen with a third season of the web series “Together Stronger” which has already seduced more than eight million viewers.

Created by Anne Flipo (IFF), In Love With You is a brand new women’s fragrance. Sensual, feminine and audacious, it was born from an uncommon combination of raw materials: a pulpy, almost fleshy black cherry; an ultra-feminine jasmine sambac absolute textured by amber volutes of rum for more elegance; and incense for the unexpected and urban touch.

For its part, Stronger With You Intensely, created by Cécile Matton (MANE), is engagingly masculine, vibrant and audacious. With pink pepper essence top note blended with vanilla essence amber wood base notes, it is a more intense interpretation of the original Stronger With You, whose confident elegance and easy insouciance of youth remain conveyed by the lavender and the sage of its aromatic heart.

Both uniquely contemporary and each calling for intense and absolute love, they reflect a lifestyle which is modern, natural and irresistible. Just like the pair of lovers we see on the screen, the two fragrances connect with each other, defying, seducing and seeking the other.