Guerlain is opening its first boutique in the Middle East!
Located in Riyadh Park, Saudi Arabia, this new store entirely dedicated to
fragrance pays tribute to the profession to which our House owes its renown
since 1828 : the profession of Perfumer. Through a fabulous presentation display,
made possible thanks to the previously unseen archives from its heritage,

Guerlain invites you to discover the World and Wonders of the perfumer.

Up close and personal with the perfumer
Alchemist, botanist, explorer, creator : the Perfumer is a fascinating, mysterious
being, the fruit of whose work – the creation of a fragrance – has unique
qualities. A scent leaves a lasting impression, arouses emotions, evokes
sensations. Jicky, L’Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Shalimar, Vétiver, Samsara, Mon
Guerlain, Santal Royal etc. are all iconic creations with the ability to take the
imagination on a journey through time and space.

To nourish his art, the Perfumer explores the world on the hunt for the most
remarkable natural raw ingredients; elements that distinguish a true fragrance trail.
From the founder, Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, exploring Imperial Russia in a
stage coach on the search for his birchessence, through Jacques Guerlain and his
Indonesian Benzoin, to Thierry Wasser and his Indian Vetiver, for which he
developed a sustainable and ethical supply channel, the perfumer leads us to
magical lands where dream and reality, the conscious and the imaginary become
one, all the better to blend together.

Our new boutique, served by an exceptional heritage, showcases the richness
and unique profusion of Guerlain’s world: 110 fragrances are available out of
the 1,100 created since 1828. It offers visitors a customisation and fragrance
consultation service to guide them in their choices. The colored bee bottles which
are exclusively available at the Guerlain Parfumeur boutique, can be refilled at
the fountains, which highlights our commitment to the environment and