The new year is officially upon us, and that means a fresh batch of hair color trends are about to get big. the hair colors of 2019 are really good.

Classic chestnut hues will get a subtle upgrade come 2019, thanks to face-framing, light-brown highlights. Miranda Kerr has already jumped on the trend, adding dimension to her iconic brunette hair with sleek, golden highlights. The best part about this color is that it’s so easy to maintain—especially if you’re starting with a brown base.

Ash gray: it is a perfect choice to get the best look this season. The darkest sections will be along your roots, with a light, moody gray toward your ends.

Inky-black this season is all about shine, the glossier, the better. Preserving your shade is crucial with this hue, so make sure you stock up on color-enhancing products before booking your appointment.

Source: Cosmopolitan