What if make-up and empowerment went hand in hand? Because it acts as a confidence-booster, Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation has become a daily ally for millions of women. It lets them live each moment to the full and express every side of their personality, by channelling a powerful and evocative statement: Make-up is my power!

With a formula distinguished by its superlative colour expertise, long-wearing perfection, and maximum coverage, it works all day long to give a zero-defects complexion tailored to you. And that’s not all! In the continuing pursuit of the perfect complexion, Lancôme is listening to what women want more than ever, and now introduces the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Lifeproof routine.

What’s the idea? To enhance the make-up results achieved with Teint Idole Ultra Wear by boosting its performance. Whether it be preparing the skin by moisturising it, perfecting make-up results by blurring imperfections, mattifying the complexion, or fixing the look, these new tools are indispensable for making your make-up invincible so it withstands the daily challenges it faces.


Building on its expertise in perfecting the complexion, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Lifeproof brings you four ultra-effective products! These are real beauty boosters, helping amplify and reinforce the qualities of Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation – which makes them your best allies for everyday wear.

Does your skin have a tendency to get dehydrated?

Then Prep & Matte is for you! For skins that tend to get dehydrated, Lancôme introduces a mattifying and refreshing foundation primer. Applied under Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation, it provides skin with all-day moisturisation while also reducing the appearance of pores and minimising shine. But that’s not all – Prep & Matte’s great-feeling, light formula boosts the benefits of Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation by improving its finish and hold.
Daily: Whether it’s to help rehydrate skin after a spell of sunshine or keep it from drying out during a cold streak, Prep & Matte can be used all year round for a look that’s always flawless.

Need an instant photoshop effect?

Blur & Go Stick is your best ally for touching up on the go. Used whenever you like during the day, it lets you touch up your look wherever you are. How does it work? It contains light-reflecting particles that blur imperfections with just one stroke. Thanks to its invisible universal coverage, it reduces the appearance of lines and little blemishes on the skin – all without using any colour, or altering your make-up. It’s extremely light on application, with a mattifying texture that gives an almost imperceptible finish. Guaranteed photoshop effect!
Daily: For correcting your make-up before a date, or touching up your complexion after a yoga class… The Blur & Go Stick is just the thing when you’re in a rush.

Are you a bit too brilliant?

Whether you want to hide an excess of sebum or simply mattify your skin, Long Time No Shine Setting Powder is an essential beauty aid. Applied to the skin over Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation, its comfortable, invisible imperceptible formula enhances any look by eliminating shine – without any white film or additional coverage. Available in two universal shades – transparent for light to medium skins, and a deeper shade for those with darker skin – it boosts the hold of your foundation while maintaining its colour throughout the day.
Daily: An invisible veil of Long Time No Shine Setting Powder will keep skin mattified no matter what, even through intense heat or after sports.

Looking for ultra long-wearing make-up?

Lancôme brings you Fix It Forget It Setting Mist, a fixative spray that holds make-up in place for 24 hours. It’s ideally suited to women’s needs, offering a transparent, non-sticky and sheer formula that protects skin thanks to its anti-pollution barrier. Sprayed on after applying make-up, it not only offers long-lasting protection – it also takes care of skin throughout the day thanks to its beneficial ingredients and the anti-pollution properties of its Vitamin C, moringa and hyaluronic acid.
Daily: Your best friend on days when you don’t have a second to think about your make-up, with Fix It Forget It Setting Mist you put your make-up on the morning and don’t give it another thought!


As someone who’s always rushing from one photo shoot to another and often finds herself between two planes, Taylor Hill needs to know her complexion and make-up are immaculate at all times. Her even, radiant complexion and striking look are captured under the lens of photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Pigott. With impeccable coverage, long-lasting hold and anti-pollution protection, now she’s ready for anything.