An enchanting display of “Khanem” by fashion designer Nivin Bashiti


L.I.P.S. Management presented The third season of “Designers and Brands” at Hilton Habtour Hotel, Beirut Habtoor at the Grand Emirates Ballroom. Syrian Palestinian Fashion Designer Nivin Bashiti “Khanoum” participated in the show and presented her most beautiful designs from evening gowns that were worn by the models and caught the attention of the audience, who expressed their admiration for her autumn-winter 2018 collection, especially the two wedding dresses.

Actors Lilia Al-Atrash, Bernadette Houdeib, Rita Harb and a selection of ladies and media figures were also present. For the third time, Beirut saw a different event from any other event, in the third season of “Designers & Brands”. The event differed in terms of the number of designers and brands involved, as well as many of the surprises that occurred in these three days. The event included more than 20 fashion shows for local and international designers and brands, more than 30 showrooms, comprehensive coverage with more than 35 media partners and more than 15,000 guests. Before the arrival at the Emirates Hall at Habtoor Hotel, where the presentations were being held, 20 dresses were shown, opening the show at the pink fashion party, which will be sold for the fight against cancer, a thin banner featuring designers, fashion bloggers and stars who presented the dresses.