04 October 2018, Dubai, UAE
Aesthetica clinic aims to raise breast reconstruction awareness by giving breast cancer survivors a
new lease of life through breast reconstruction surgery. Globally, breast cancer awareness
campaigns have been very successful but post-mastectomy recovery has yet to gain awareness.
Breast reconstruction in post-mastectomy women can play a critical role in aiding recovery,
wellbeing and improving self-esteem.
Recognising the low-levels of awareness about the benefits of breast
reconstruction, Aesthetica clinic decided to launch the #Breasthetica campaign not only to reach out
and educate friends, family and survivors about the reconstruction options available, but also to
identify and select a Breast Cancer Survivor in need for help and support.
The #Breasthetica campaign will run during the entire month of October and through a medical
committee led by Dr. Mario Russo, Aesthetica Clinic Medical Director and Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgeon, will identify and select the most suitable candidate to perform a complete breast
reconstruction surgery. Help give a new lease of life to someone in need.
The process is simple, one just needs to reach out to Aesthetica Clinic through Social media, email or
over the phone and present their case. The Medical Committee will initiate the selection process
through a number of clinical consultations and in the end a candidate will be selected and will
proceed with the surgical process.
Dr Mario Russo, Medical Director, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Aesthetica Clinic, says ‘Most
women are not aware of breast reconstruction surgery. The patient must be informed about their
reconstructive options in advance of the mastectomy surgery. For cancer survivors, recovery from
the disease has its own significant challenges, which are often compounded by changes to a
woman’s physical appearance and the resulting impact this can have on her life and self-confidence’.
Dr. Mario adds, ‘It is very important to inform the patient in advance about their breast
reconstruction options in order to maintain and regain her quality of life when facing breast cancer
and mastectomy. There are many types of breast reconstruction surgeries but it depends on each
patient’s case accordingly every surgery is customised as per the patient’s requirement. If women
learn about their reconstructive options, they cannot only survive this disease but restore a woman’s
self-esteem in a safe and effective way’.
Italian Board Certified Dr. Mario Russo, Specialist Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon earned his medical
degree in Medicine and Surgery from Seconda Universita’ Studi di Napoli. He received his fellowship
at the Universita’ Cattolica Roma with a specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is
accredited by E. Colegio Medico de Malaga (Spain), D. Ordine dei Medici di Roma (Italy), the Dubai
Health Authority (UAE) and Dubai Healthcare City (UAE).
About Aesthetica Clinic:
Since opening in 2002, Aesthetica Clinic has established itself as the UAE’s leading clinic for the latest
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