The new Eau de Parfum Insignia Limited Editions by CH Carolina Herrera are an homage to Eastern Perfumery. Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, was seduced by the richness of nuances, the quality of the ingredients and the mystery that surrounds Eastern aromas when she travelled to the Middle East ten years ago in search of new olfactory ideas.

Her love for this millenary tradition has been growing every year. The new Eau de Parfum CH Insignia Women (created by Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati-Kashani) and Eau de Parfum CH Insignia Men (signed by Émilie Copperman and Pierre Gueros) are the result of that passion.

For both fragrances, De Baez has gone a step further. What if we incorporated high quality ingredients coming from the West into Eastern perfumery in order to enrich fragrances with new facets? That was the challenge that the four perfumers had to overcome. The result balances Oriental iconic ingredients such as Oud and Patchouli, with classical Mediterranean notes such as Rose Centifolia and Italian Bergamot. This sophisticated olfactory tour de force is an ode to noble materials, to the intimate ritual of perfumery and the spirit of CH Carolina Herrera.

Not only had the juices to be exquisite, the flacons, a determinant piece at Carolina Herrera, had to be luxurious. “It all started with the Insignia accessory collection we designed in 2016 for our 35 anniversary. Taking the brand initials as a starting point, we reinvented our signature monogram, the letters C and H. The successful line, which includes bags and bracelets, continues to grow today”, says Carolina Herrera de Baez. “These two high quality and exquisite aromas had to be bottled in an exclusive and elegant object. I wanted a piece that was so beautiful that you could not resist it, a luxurious object of desire that you could also experience”.

The two new Eau de Parfum are iconic on the inside and on the outside. “My philosophy in perfumery is to reinterpret the classics”, confirms De Baez. “When I smell an aroma full of memories and rooted in the past in a different way, I feel fulfilled”.

In perfumery, there are also Insignia notes. Oud and Patchouli are Oriental symbols; and Rose and Bergamot, Mediterranean ones. Leather, an icon together with flowers in the Carolina Herrera universe, is also an emblem in perfumery.

Those classic accords –present in CH Insignia Women (Oud, Rose, Patchouli, Leather and Bergamot) and CH Insignia Men (Oud, Rose, Patchouli and Leather)– show their modern and charismatic side thanks to the use of Saffron.

CH Insignia is a sociological experience: by blending the best of Eastern and Western knowledge, scent becomes a myth. “In Dubai, fragrances are part of daily life. They reflect mood and personality. This city is full of perfume connaisseurs”, says De Baez. Carolina Herrera is synonym of craft and quality in the Middle East.

Middle East tastes and savoir-faire are changing the course of modern perfumery. “Dubai seduces visually and through smells. The first time I travelled to the region, I felt in love with its captivating scents. I was fascinated by Oud, a sensual, mysterious and dark ingredient appreciated in Arab perfumery. I have experimented with its absolute, which is extracted from the Agar tree, since I came back from that trip”, explains De Baez. Oud, used in Carolina Herrera Confidential, is a couture ingredient: like a high-fashion dress, it adapts to each character.