The gray Graccus Rach wins his first race in Cidade Jardim, after finishing second three times at the Prêmio UAE President Cup Series – Maiden Horses for Colts, held on Saturday, August 7th, at Cidade Jardim Racecourse, in São Paulo.

From the start, Fernando Larroque led Graccus Rach (Veracious Rach x Gracyara HCF by *LD Halston), trained by Lucas Quintana, to victory very calmly without being bothered by the others. The pair won the 1,000 meter race on turf in 1’05882, with a six-length lead over the runner-up. RG Kemir.

Despite an excellent start, RG Kemir (*Zapal x CSM by *Eksport Campaign) ridden by Jeane Alves, the first woman to finish first in the São Paulo Jockey Club Statistics, lost two positions until the final 350 meters, when she battled for second place with Vince Rach (AF Ivo x Vauquelin Rach by Memnon Rach) led by apprentice jockey Ivan Silva, also coached by Lucas Quintana. By half-length advantage, Alves and RG Kemir crossed in second place and Vince Rach finished in third place.

“Today Graccus Rach has confirmed what he is. He trained well during the week, we didn’t push him too hard and he liked it. Larroque started very well, knew how to drive him and, mainly, kept the lead from start to finish”, declared trainer Lucas Quintana

Owner and breeder Ricardo Jamil Saliba said, “Graccus Rach is a horse that has been running since last year; finished three races in second place and he excelled in short distances and in longer distance races he loses a little concentration. He is a typically short-distance horse and returning to 1,000 meter races he managed to stand out and take his first victory with very good race time. Going forward we will keep you in short distance races. As he is an athlete horse, he has an excellent conformation and we want to take him to compete in the Arabian Horse Nationals Show in November, which would be very interesting.”

“During the week I trained Graccus Rach without pushing too hard and he showed his good form and we started to win,” said jockey Larroque.

Seven horses participated in the race and all from different owners, showing, once again, the rise of racing among Arabian horse lovers in Brazil.

“I want to congratulate the Saliba Family for another successful afternoon in Cidade Jardim and to all the participants in this disputed race where we had seven different owners, which demonstrates, once again, the interest of new Arabian horse owners and for the sport.”

“We’ve reached halfway through our race calendar and we still have at least 12 more races in Cidade Jardim this year, meaning a lot more excitement and success ahead.”

“I also want to thank our sponsors HH Sh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs and HE Faisal Al Rahmani, President of the International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing (IFAHR) and director of The UAE President Cup, for believing and invest in Arabian horse racing in Brazil; that each day show its consistency, becoming the fastest growing sport of the Arabian horse in the world and also here in Brazil”, declared Almir José Ribeiro, Racing Director of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association.

In addition to prizes during races, all horses participating in the 2021 Calendar of Races also compete in the 2021 Arabian Cup Race category.

The UAE President Cup Series Award – Maiden Horses for Colts IV, seventh race of the UAE President Cup Arabian Purebred Classic Series – South America Mondial Brazil was organized by the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association in partnership with the Jockey Club of São Paulo.

GRACCUS RACH (Veracious Rach x Gracyara HCF by *LD Halston)
J: F. Larroque – T: L. Quintana – Owner: Ricardo Jamil Saliba – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

RG KEMIR (*Zapal x Campanha CSM by *Eksport)
J: Jeane Alves – T: E. Petrochinski – Owner and Breeder: Claudio Roberto Guimarães Ribas.

VINCE RACH (AF Ivo x Vauquelin Rach by Memnon Rach)
J: I. Silva Ap1 – T: L. Quintana – O: Paulo Jamil Saliba – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

MANDATO RACH (Erastus Rach x Magic All Rach by Ulisses Rach)
J: A. R. Oliveira – T: C. F. Silva – Owner: Rafael Barbosa dos Reis – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

VENERADDO RACH (Atentaddo VE x Vanna Rach by *Aicyng AHRA)
J: L. Henriques – T: C. F. Silva – Owner: Daniela Franco de Oliveira – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

MIGHTY THOR RACH (Ragnar Rach x Miss Magic Rach by Mister Eros HX)
J: C. Llopart Ap4 – T: C. F. Silva – Owner: Rogerio Ferreira dos Santos – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

GUSTAF RACH (Ragnar Rach x Gracyara HCF by *LD Halston)
J: J. M. Coutinho Ap4 – T: C. M. Silva – Owner: Nelson Stradiotto – Breeder: Rach Stud Agropecuária Ltda.

Texto: Cidinha Franzão. Fotos: Porfírio Menezes

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