The 26-year-old Ghady Karam, CEO of APEX, a new brand founded in 2020 decides to achieve his career dream despite all the unfortunate financial events happening in Lebanon and across the Middle East. 

Apex is a certified public accounting firm offering services in accounting, external and internal audit, accounting, corporate and individual taxation, and management consulting through innovative thought leaders who deliver their expertise to meet the individual needs to each client. 

“We make sure to provide a selection of specialty services to cater the unique needs of our clients. The company prides itself for its expertise and technical know-how.” Added Karam 

Karam has a demonstrated history of working in the accounting and financial industries. 

Strong entrepreneurship, professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration 

(B.B.A.) focused in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from Lebanese 

American University, not to forget a masters degree in entrepreneurship in EU business 

school Barcelona. 

“Being as prepared as I can be gives me confidence. Showing you’re on top of everything 

and ready to deal with whatever they throw at you, however unexpected, helps to put both 

parties at ease.” Said Karam 

Ghady has an absolute passion for the subject and his beloved country Lebanon. This is 

important because standards, laws, methodologies, and products within the financial and 

investment worlds are constantly evolving. 

“For me, preparation is everything. I make sure I plan thoroughly before meeting every 

client. I look at their circumstances, study their situation and think through as many 

possible outcomes as I can. I try and make sure I have an answer for any question they 

could ask me, whether that’s about their finances or my own experience in the role. My 

main concern is to support the young generation and guide them into the right paths for 

their future businesses” He said. 

APEX believes in taking the time to understand client’s businesses. Its ultimate goal is to serve clients to their highest levels of satisfaction. Through commitment to thought leadership and knowledge management, they deliver the solutions clients need with the commitment to service that they deserve. 

“We at APEX always had a vision of becoming a nationally recognized firm through hard work, integrity and a passion for excellence. Guided by these core values, we established a company that has enabled us to do just that. Furthermore, our steadfast commitment to responsive service and compliance with high technical and ethical standards reflects our respect for our profession and dedication to our clients” added Karam. 

Ghady revealed about a new platform for APEX which will mix technology and the new upcoming world of finance through a digital platform happening for the first time around the region. The aim is to facilitate the life of every company or start-up.