City Centre Beirut and local NGO Arcenciel have joined together to help safeguard children in Lebanon’s access to that most essential tool in building a brighter tomorrow: an education. From 19 to 29 September, City Centre Beirut is supporting Arenciel’s “Bank to School” campaign; an initiative that encourages people to donate funds and essential supplies to children facing prolonged disruption to their education. The donations will be used to cover students’ tuition for one year, with the supplies distributed by the NGO to students in need all over Lebanon.

The campaign aims to help overcome some of the socio-economic issues threatening the education and futures of Lebanon’s younger generation — a situation deepened by the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has created a major education crisis, shutting schools and bringing children’s education to an abrupt halt.

Meanwhile, following the Beirut blast tragedy, Lebanon switched to remote teaching and learning as an alternative to school closures, but challenges related to connectivity, resources, and infrastructure have placed further pressure on students, parents, teachers, and the educational authorities.

Bank to School will help ease some of the pressure by providing learners with financial support and essential school supplies such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, copybooks, rulers, and geometry sets. Visitors to City Centre Beirut can make a donation at the mall’s Level Zero next to Carrefour and also donate funds at the following website:

As a proud and committed member of the community is serves, City Centre Beirut was keen to support Arcenciel’s cause, being a Lebanese based non-profit organization that aims to help every person in need. Alongside direct support through initiatives such as Bank to School, Arcenciel also works to advance national policies in all the sectors in which it is active.

Arcenciel champions the social and economic integration of marginalised people and communities back into society. The organisation believes that every person, no matter their situation, can overcome their circumstances and disabilities to contribute to their community.