The Lebanese-Belgian Architect, Simon Marwan Abboud from Fih, Al-Koura, won a global award which is EPIC AWARDS 2020 in the category of “Young and Ambitious Minds” which aims to share the distinguished success stories of all graduates from all IE schools and programs, which is one of the most important business schools in the world based in Madrid Spain. Simon has been chosen from over 66,000 alumni in their organizations and society in more than 95 countries around the world. They are skilled entrepreneurs, leaders and role models that show commitment to society and provide exemplary work in their fields of knowledge throughout the different stages of their lives. Simon Abboud and the family thanked all the media that supported Simon and all those who voted for him and encouraged him, especially the Lebanese embassies in Europe, so it was impressive, as he raised the name of his country Lebanon and village high, despite the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

A glimpse into Simon Abboud’s life:
Simon Abboud is the son of Doctor Marwan Abboud who is a leading figure in the field of plastic surgery. Simon comes from a family with parents from a multi-cultural background, hardworking, ambitious and scientific. The Lebanese-Belgian Architect, Simon Abboud, qualified for the 2020 finalists of the “Young and Ambitious Minds” award, as he is a role model and inspirational figure in the IE Alumni community and Real Estate Purchase & Construction Officer at Plug and Play Technology Center at MRED 2019.
After completing his baccalaureate degree in Lycée Français de Bruxelles – Belgium at the age of 18 (2010), he decided to leave Belgium and by moving to Lebanon he approached his family, in which he cultivated the spirit of giving, humanity and ambition.

He studied architecture and graduated from LAU in 2015, after which he began working in fine Lebanese companies in architecture and real estate such as Bernard Khoury DW5, Nabil Gholam and Capstone Investment Group.
He continued his studies in architecture by studying for the HMONP certificate-related studies in France, and he did executive studies in technology management in Belgium. Finally, he then moved to Spain and graduated with a Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) at IE Business School with high honors, where he was part of the graduate student government, vice-president of his class, founder of the IE Smart Cities Club, coordinator of the Family Business Club, and member of the IE Lebanon Club.
Demonstrating ambition, effort, and positivity, Simon Abboud believed that human centrality, technological development, and public-private partnerships are essential to developing a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient modern world, and that cities will play an increasingly central role in our daily lives, so he focused his work in the areas of inclusive, sustainable and smart civil development in order to participate actively helping cities around the world become more livable and competitive.