He is a very talented Lebanese youth in photographing celebrities and fashion, he is 17 years old, he learned photography from his father, and he loved the idea of photography, so he honed his talent by learning on youtube, and bought the necessary photography equipments from lighting and others, and decided to attend many occasions and parties for the artists, to show his talent.

Fawaz first caught his camera when he was fifteen years old. Before that, he had shy experiences in this regard. When he attended a party for singer Elisa in the “Beirut Festival” during one of the festivals of summer seasons, he was unable to curb his appetite for her portrayal on stage. It was a good light for him, especially since Elissa liked his pictures, so it was used on websites and in many written media outlets.

Rani Fawaz filmed many concerts, including the Miss Lebanon election ceremony, and day after day Rani Fawaz’s name became known to many celebrities, he filmed many famous programs such as the Celebrity Duo program on MTV. There were many festivals such as the Murex d’Or, Biaf and many important social events. Rani Fawaz did not enter an institute to learn photography, and did not pursue private art lessons. Despite this, the seventeen-year-old managed with his camera lens to attract art stars to stand before him, trusting his eyes. Just as Cyrine Abdel-Nour, Cynthia Samuel, the Abdel-Aziz sisters, Rani Fawaz also took pictures of Elissa, and celebrities of social media, including Nour Arida, Karen Wazen and Natalie Fanj.

My lens is looking for beauty
Rani Fawaz enjoys photographing stars and takes pictures of them showing the features of their faces and the fitness of their bodies. “I am not a photographer who focuses only on facial features, I prefer my image to poke with body language standing in front of my lens with confidence.” Fawaz was influenced by the profession of his father, photojournalist Ali Fawaz. “He is the certified photographer in the Parliament in Lebanon. His photographs are famous and have a long history in this profession.” From what he learned from his father about photography, he says: “My father is from the generation of classical photographers, and his lens is not looking for the beauty of the person standing in front of him completely opposite.
Fawaz believes that the mobile device contributed to the spread of the image and give it a great spread. “I find photography with mobile cameras is easier on the one hand and enjoy many advantages. There are many applications and effects that can be used in the photography process that make them beautiful.” Fawaz had recently launched a filter entitled “Infinite Love”, which is used by famous figures from Lebanon, and outside it, like the former Miss Lebanon Maya Raidi and blogger Karen Wazen, to give the image a romantic pulse represented by small hearts appearing on the eyes.

Light is the basis
“Whatever happens of this profession update, there are basic rules for it that must be adhered to.” Among the rules he memorized by heart, he says, is mainly applied to the process of photographing, taking advantage of light and presenting it to any other element that serves the image. “It reflects the professionalism of the photographer. Whenever the latter is able to use it with the required technology, he gives the image a glossy aura that gives it the radiance of the stars.”

Fawaz continues the pictorial work of his colleagues who precede him with expertise and craftsmanship: “There are a large number of colleagues who love the way they are photographed and I am interested in checking them out. For example, I follow the pictures of Zobian, I admire his style, which is similar to what I do personally. Charbel Mansour focuses more on facial features, that is, exactly the opposite of what we do, Zobian and I. We give more space to the star’s look complete while Bou Mansour, by virtue of dealing with magazines and cover images, focuses mainly on the face. “

The Dreamer photographer
What distinguishes Rani Fawaz’s photos is that he always has a distinctive and strange artistic touch that differs from the rest of the photographers, which reflects his creative talent and heralds a very successful and promising future in the near future. Fawaz describes himself as a dreamy photographer who is attracted to the warm romantic atmosphere. It is what he is looking for in every photo he takes. “Romance is not only the one that moves my lens, but also the presence of the star standing in front of me. Personally, I enjoy photographing many stars, among them Paola Al-Sitt (blogger) and the Sisters of Abdulaziz (fashion models), in addition to many others, my camera flows freely with them without any restrictions.” .
Fawaz prefers to portray women: “I often take pictures of male stars such as Nassif Zaitoun, Joseph Attieh and Walid Al-Hallani, but with the female face, my camera lens interacts better.” About his dreams, he says: “I hope that Nancy Ajram will stand before my lens, as will the artist Ahlam.” The aspirations of the young photographer are not limited to portraying Arab women artists, but he says: “Kim Kardashian will stand before my camera very soon, because I am sure of that, and it is a dream that I have always had and I am working on achieving. My aunt lives in the same neighborhood as Kardashian in America. When I visit her, I will take the opportunity to film Kardashian by any means.”


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