A Lebanese-American entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in project management, he managed large projects in red zones around the world, during Iraq’s invasion, in Central Africa and Sudan.

‘It is during those years and in those high-risk areas that I have witnessed all types of violence. Living on the fringes of violence, I found myself constantly working towards ending it. I was propelled to create a better world. That is how my journey started as an anti-violence advocate.‘ Says Sam.
Vigorous and energetic, he was fully focused on leading a successful life. Yet, the undeniable truth was that over those years, and where he has invested all his energy in his career and family, he has failed to invest in myself. He neglected himself. Around Four years ago, he saw a picture of himself. It was unbelievable to his eyes that the man with that physique looking back at him was actually… myself.
At fifty-four years old, he decided that age, hectic schedules, deadlines or any other reason is not a barrier. He made a promise to himself not to let any excuse stand between him and his goal to get fit. He made sure to focus on the results and not the reasons.
Struggling with serious body injuries and back pain that he had sustained at a younger age, he focused on learning what works best for his body. Every time he had a setback, he came back and trained smarter.
Today, three years later and at the threshold of launching his journey, he is stronger than he has ever been. He channeled his energy, discipline and commitment towards reaching a better version of himself, and the result speaks for itself.
“Simply put, if I can do it, then anyone can! As long as you are courageous enough and committed enough to it, you can achieve it. You deserve to be the greatest version of yourself, and there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you set your mind to.”