The elusive all-white humpback whale known as Migaloo has been spotted heading north along Australia’s east coast for his annual migration.

Migaloo will be one of around 35,000 humpback whales that will make the arduous journey from Antarctica to waters off Queensland.

The whale’s name means ‘white fella’ in several Indigenous languages.

Yesterday (June 15), the Twitter account said: “A white whale possibly Migaloo has been sighted along the NSW South Coast heading north. Estimated to cruise past Sydney anytime soon and Cape Byron anytime from Wednesday this week.”

Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 and has since gained an army of followers and supporters who love getting a chance to see him. When he was first identified, he was believed to be the only all-white whale in the world.

It wasn’t until 2011 that another all-white humpback whale calf was discovered. Since then, there have only been three or four more all-white whales discovered. So, the Mig is certainly a rare one to behold.

Dr Wally Franklin, an adjunct fellow at Southern Cross University and founding director of The Oceania Project, said Migaloo is now into his 30s and will hopefully live as long as 100 years.