Olivier Polge did not devote his new creation to the animal, but the
vision that CHANEL cultivates of it. Wild and majestic, Gabrielle
Chanel’s totem animal is the symbol of a power that chooses to protect
rather than dominate and the emblem of absolute elegance. Fueled
by the many faces of the lion in the world of CHANEL, Olivier Polge
endeavored to transpose this radiant strength of character incarnated
by the lion in scent.

Naturally, a few sparkling citrus notes — lemon, bergamot — bring the
essential burst befitting to the first moments of a great fragrance. Only
a few seconds are needed for the shimmering gold fragrance to unfurl
the warmth of its oriental imprint. An ambery accord tamed by the
perfumer-creator’s skill and faceted like the thousand-and-one faces
of the lion in the world of CHANEL. Its heart of cistus labdanum, a
lively resin with animal notes, is tamed with a custom-crafted essence.
Smoothed of its rough edges, it concentrates the ambery, velvety
effects that gradually verge on leather, while an infusion of vanilla from
Madagascar exalts the quintessential ingredient of oriental fragrances.
Cistus labdanum and vanilla intertwine in a smooth and enveloping pas
de deux, blending together into a deep trail that lingers on the skin.
Sensual and creamy sandalwood tempers the musky vegetality of a
raw patchouli. Endowed with a restraint that is the privilege of true
power, this oriental radiates a confident and pronounced elegance.
Majestic and solar olfactory finery.