The Association of Lebanese Business People in the World (RDCL World) has signed an MOU agreement with the LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital headed by its President Dr. Joseph Jabbra and his team. This agreement aims to donate 800 PCR tests by RDCL World to the LAU mobile clinic national campaign of providing Free PCR tests across Lebanon and especially to patients showing symptoms and do not have social security coverage or any health insurance.

On the occasion, the president of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World, Dr. Fouad Zmokhol, spoke on behalf of the board of directors saying that “we are witnessing a third world war today, where the enemy is unknown and is hidden, and we must all internally, regionally and internationally, join our efforts in the battle to fight this malicious epidemic.

Our highest priorities during this critical time is to protect our people and focus together on this health issue. Accordingly, the first phase of the fierce battle is to ask the Lebanese to stay home to protect themselves and their families and to prevent the spread of the disease.

The second and most important phase is that of testing the largest number of Lebanese across all regions so that we are able to identify the largest proportion of people infected with the virus.

In this context, the board of directors of RDCL World decided to donate and provide a large number of internationally acknowledged PCR tests to the needy across all Lebanese regions.”

Dr. Fouad Zmokhol added: “this agreement consists of the RDCL World importing and providing these tests free of charge. For its part, the LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital will distribute the tests with the help of a specialized medical team and the mobile clinic service, in order to conduct the tests in all Lebanese regions and provide clear statistics and results to identify the number of patients.

This difficult time is pushing us all to work hand in hand, to be united and to help each other overcome this tough phase. It is our duty to be with our brothers and sisters because it is our social responsibility to care for our country and our citizens especially in matters of healthcare. 

Now is the right time to show solidarity and true unison in order to protect Lebanon and the Lebanese from this pandemic.

We call upon all Lebanese business people in the world to help their brothers and sisters and be the leading example of solidarity in overcoming the fierce battle against the virus as soon as possible.

Finally, the third phase will consist of preparing, as of today for the post-corona phase. We are expecting a defiant economic and social crisis and as such need to plan in advance the strategies and action plan to be put in place to face the upcoming challenges.”

Last, Dr. Zmokhol thanked the efforts of the LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital, and thanked in particular its President Dr. Joseph Jabbra and the Dean of LAU Scchool of Medicine  Dr. Michel Mawad and the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Georges Ghanem and the president’s advisor Mr. Saad El Zein and congratulated them all for this initiative.

During the ceremony, Dr. Joseph Jabra President of the Lebanese American University (LAU) expressed his deepest thanks to the RDCL World for their generous contribution which will definitely be an added value in the fight against COVID- 19 and in particular for its mobile clinic campaign launched through the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine and the LAU Medical Center–Rizk Hospital.

“Your donation is vital to allow the LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital to build upon the recent developments achieved in terms of providing free PCR tests through the LAU Mobile Clinic for patients across various locations in Lebaonon. 

In these difficult times, the RDCL World contribution will join us in this National Campaign that provides moral & medical support to the Lebanese People who are threatened by a vicious and invisible enemy that can take the lives of our loved ones.

Together we continue to promote and support this mission of social responsibility which will be spread to places and locations that need it most.”

298 thoughts on “RDCL World donated 800 PCR tests to LAUMC RH to support the LAU mobile clinic national campaign”

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