Areeba sal, the leading e-payment system provider in Lebanon, is implementing a financial relief measure to support all its merchants during the current COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak.

This initiative will include more than 14,000 POS terminals for all its merchants from all cities in Lebanon, from different business lines: retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery shops. 

areeba will be waiving the monthly rental fee of its POS machines effective 1 April 2020 until the end of 2020 and will also be offering free installation with no monthly rental fee to all its current and new clients. 

Ramzi Saboury, areeba’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Businesses around the world are facing unique challenges right now. For business owners in Lebanon, the risks are particularly high as they already faced tremendous pressure on their business revenue. areeba’s main objective from this initiative is to help merchants in Lebanon in managing financial challenges that have surfaced from the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to offer support and help them in the ways we can, not just financially but morally as well.”

areeba is committed to supporting the Lebanese economy over the coming months and will continue to respond as necessary as it unfolds to serve the interests of its clients, while closely monitoring the evolving situation.

291 thoughts on “Areeba to Support all its Merchants During the Coronavirus Pandemic”

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