Rihanna technically already has skincare under her groundbreaking beauty brand Fenty Beauty. There’s a lip balm, lip scrub, blotting paper, and setting spray all available now—but the mogul isn’t stopping there. Rihanna confirmed in the latest issue of British Vogue that the long-awaited Fenty Skin line is dropping soon (really!).

“Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide,”

she told the publication. The interview also notes that Rihanna is focused on achieving the same level of perfection and quality with Fenty Skin as she did with Fenty Beauty. There is no set date on when fans can expect the skin care line or an indication of the products might be, though the article mentions the brand will be launching imminently.

Rihanna has been working on Fenty Skin as far back as March of last year, when she filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Fenty Skin trademark covers “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding color cosmetics, perfume and other fragrance-only products), and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.”

Source: Harpers Bazar

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