Denise Gault has recently retired from the Board of Directors of the Arabian Racing Cup (ARC). A bloodstock consultant, Denise is the principle agent of Race Street Management Inc., which has been serving the National and International Arabian horse racing and breeding industry since 1987.

The Arabian Racing Cup (ARC) was formed by Dr. Sam Harrison in 1983, and he initiated the annual Darley Awards in 1987 to honor the best in Arabian horse racing. Dr. Sam and his wife Bettye were fellow Arabian horse enthusiasts and close family friends. After Denise was appointed to the Board, she served the industry for over 20 years including four years as Chief Steward (2012-2016). Her Board position is not being replaced at this time, leaving eight people on the board, including Chief Steward Jon Henningsgard.

Over the span of her career Denise has held positions on the Executive Committee of the Arabian Jockey Club, the Board of Directors of the Arabian Racing Association of California, the Arabian Horse Trust Racing Hall of Fame, the AJC Graded Stakes and the ARC Darley Awards committees.

At the 2015 Darley Awards, Denise was honored with the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak International Lifetime Achievement Award, and at the 2019 Darley Awards she was presented with the Tent of Honor Award by the Arabian Jockey Club. The Tent of Honor is awarded to an individual for their length of service, leadership, heritage, education, research and courage to do what is best for the Arabian horse.

Michelle Morgan, Board Steward, has known and worked with Denise since 1998. “Denise Gault has been a friend and mentor to me in Arabian Racing for over 22 years. We met at a race and I subsequently bred to her stallion, By Golly. She has a passion for the Arabian horse and she has devoted endless hours in many organizations for the welfare and promotion of the Arabian Horse.”

Although she is stepping back from the ARC, Denise will continue to serve her clients in the Arabian Racing Industry.

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