Who doesn’t love nuts? Raw, fried or baked, they are our favorite snack.

We got the chance to get to know more about Castania; leader in the Lebanese market and major Arab countries in the nuts industry.

As per Mr. Peter Daniel, the managing director of Castania, the latter was founded in 1983. Ever since then, Castania has developed the industry using technology in its roasting and packaging methods to ensure high quality, good taste, superior hygiene and lasting freshness of its products.

The various products of Castania are available in more than 41 countries worldwide, aiming to always promote the Lebanese industry worldwide. With its advanced equipment, Castania manages to produce different types of nuts: Cashews , Almonds , Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Macadamias, Peanuts, Corn , Chick Peas, Seeds, Coated nuts, flavored nuts , etc….

After 3 decades of experience, it was proved that the most sought after products in the market depend on the taste preferences of the people. In some markets, peanuts are the most liked ones while in others, seeds are more likely to be consumed. Also, the mixtures of different types of nuts can be some people’s favorite. In fact, the price, taste and lifestyle play a primordial role in the decision of buying.


Eating between 30 and 60g of any type of nuts is quite recommended, since they have nutritional values. Nuts are rich in natural vitamins, proteins and fibers of which they improve heart condition diseases and are considered natural energy boosters.

It is very easy to include nuts in one’s daily routine. They can take part in breakfasts, snacks, aperitif and even a sport supplement!

Following the latest innovation of Castania such as new flavors (wasabi, truffle) and healthy nuts bars, 2020 marks the year of change for Castania. The brand witnessed an uplift of its logo and a revamp for its packages design. Why? Well, Mr. Daniel believes that the change is for a trendier and fresher look. The “c” shows a kind of rotation of the nuts, depicting the journey during the roasting progress.
As for the visual interpretation, it’s a mouth-watering and high-contrast imagery of the ingredients which are placed on dynamic curves that give a feeling that the product is freshly roasted and packed.

Castania never ceases to grow on a yearly basis. Running such family business encourages Mr. Daniel to preserve the family’s heritage as well as studying future plans that aim to distinguish Castania in the nuts industry; such as expanding the brand to reach the US and Europe.

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