After the successful launch of WaynYo in Lebanon, the first trend-focused platform in the region, the platform crossed twenty thousand users mark in less than two months.

The application available on Google Play and Apple Store is a revolutionary way of aggregating content based on popularity and likes with the ability to track most liked and engaged with content within a certain geo-location. Developed around content, not followers.  WaynYo provides a new fresh offering in the social media world.

Wissam Tamer, the founder, said: “after the initial success WaynYo achieved, we launch our campaign hand in hand with our WaynYo users asking them to invite the largest number of their friends to experience WaynYo and win one out of eight i-Phone 11s and Samsung Note 10s. These phones will be distributed to the top four users who invite the highest number of friends and to four other randomly selected users.

Tamer further explained that the campaign will start on the 24th of March and will have two phases, the first phase rewarding three users and the second rewarding five more users.

With the end of the campaign, Waynyo will expand its focus to a regional level, hoping to grow internationally soon.

297 thoughts on “WaynYo crosses the 20K users mark and announces its plan to get to 200,000 thousand users”

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