All horse racing in Great Britain will be suspended from Wednesday until the end of April because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Yesterday, it was announced that racing would continue behind closed doors, although the Grand National meeting was canceled.

Tuesday’s meetings at Wetherby and Taunton go ahead without spectators.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) said the decision will be kept under “constant review”.

Nick Rust, the chief executive of the BHA, said: “This is a national emergency the like of which most of us have never seen before.

“We’re a sport that is proud of its connection to rural communities and to the local businesses that support our industry. But our first duty is to the health of the public, our customers and to racing industry participants and staff so we have decided to suspend racing following the government’s latest advice.”

298 thoughts on “Horse Racing in Britain Suspended until End of April amid Coronavirus Outbreak”

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