Platinum Records presented its new artwork, in the final episode of “The Voice Kids”, where a group of talents participating in the program starred in its various seasons, through two new songs.

The first song was performed by the winner of the second season of the program, Hamza Al Beed, under the title “My Dream”, written by Radwan Al Asmar and composed by Younis Al Jahfawi.

You can listen to the song “Helmy” by Hamza Al Beed through at this link:

The second song was presented by a group of winners and participants in “The Voice Kids” entitled “Dreams of People”, and it is produced by MBC Al-Amal. It was sung by Hamza Al Beed, winner in the second season of the program, Lyn Hayek, winner in the first season, and Loujai Al Masrahi from the second season, Muhammad Islam Rumaih, winner of the third season, Muhammad Wakdid, Yasmin Osama, Amna Damq, and Muhammad Ibrahim, who were among the participants who reached the finals in the program in its third season.

The song “Dreams of People” is written by the poet Nizar Francis, composed and arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi.

430 thoughts on “Platinum Records launches two new songs in the final episode of The Voice Kids on MBC”

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