Inaugurated in October 2019, IRCAD Lebanon, the fourth international branch of IRCAD, the laparoscopic training center, will give the Lebanese, Middle-Eastern and North African surgeons the opportunity to learn and participate in videoconferences about the latest global techniques of the minimally invasive surgeries. Broadcasted live at the Jacques Marescaux auditorium at the French Hospital of the Levant in Beirut, the training will offer both theoretical courses and surgical practices on simulators or animals.

For this reason, IRCAD Lebanon has acquired the unique fourth generation Da Vinci Xi robot, used in many specialties like gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology (ENT) or the cardiothoracic surgeries. This technology, used in around one third of the surgeries, all specialties combined, contributes remarkably in the decrease of the postoperative infection risks and the probabilities of blood transfusions. Its goal is to make the urinary, visceral, bariatric, gynecological or other surgeries less invasive, in addition to decrease pain after every surgical intervention. And since this technology is linked to rapidity and efficiency, the use of surgical robots will guarantee a faster recovery with minimal scarring and lesser risks for the patients.

Delayed due to the country’s situation, the official inauguration took place on February 19 at the French Hospital of the Levant in Beirut with the presence of Pr. Jacques Marescaux, President of IRCAD, in addition to a number of personalities, doctors, university directors, insurers and media.

During his speech, Pr. Marescaux highlighted the importance of Lebanon in forming and training the doctors of the region and he reinstalled his confidence in Lebanon, despite the crisis ravaging the country.

The President of IRCAD Lebanon, Dr. Antoine Maalouf emphasized on the notion of non-competition saying, “IRCAD Lebanon will not compete with the different universities in Lebanon, which are the pride of our country”. He reiterated saying, “Our ultimate goal is to cooperate with the Lebanese universities to ensure together, the best teaching and training for the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern surgeons.”

This ceremony included a first in the country: the live broadcast to three continents of a surgical procedure performed by Professor Alexandre de la Taille, under the auspices of IRCAD France and in collaboration with Lebanese doctors. And this proves once again the resilience of Lebanon and the constant progress of its medical sector.

Since November 2019, IRCAD Lebanon offers training and many opportunities to the local, regional and international surgeons.


25 years of innovation and excellence in minimally invasive surgery

In the early 1990s, the world of surgery entered a new era marked by the success of the first minimally invasive procedures and the beginning of the digital world.

In 1994, aware of the future healthcare and economic issues, Professor Jacques Marescaux created IRCAD, an institute dedicated to Research Against Cancer of the Digestive Tract, which is truly unique in the world. It was created in partnership with industry giants in the field of medicine and surgery. IRCAD gathers researchers, engineers, computer scientists, robotics engineers, and international surgical experts.

A worldwide reference

Fully dedicated to research and to the teaching of the most innovative surgical techniques, IRCAD has established itself as a world reference in the field of minimal access surgery. It has become an emblematic ambassador of French excellence worldwide. 

Building on its international success, IRCAD Strasbourg created four institutes: one in Taiwan (in 2008) and two in Brazil (one in the State of Sao Paulo in 2011 and one in Rio de Janeiro in 2017) and one in Lebanon (in 2019). These institutes have become world leading centers in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. An IRCAD Africa (Kigali, Rwanda) will be inaugurated in 2020.

As a world leader in surgical education, IRCAD welcomes every year 6,200 surgeons from all over the world. Physicians are trained by a network of more than 800 world-renowned experts. 

Due to the necessity to globalize surgical training on an international scale, IRCAD created WebSurg, a virtual university. The website has become the world’s number one in the field of online education in minimally invasive surgery. WebSurg is available in 7 languages and is totally charge-free. Today, it gathers 380,000 active members.