Naja Saade opened SHOP QATAR 2020 Festival showcasing “Spirit of the Time” his latest 2020 evening dresses collection and launching “Rebirth” his first Ready Couture bridal collection.

“Spirit of the Time” was inspired by the woman’s role throughout time, as Naja sees in her a great source of strength and inspiration and considers that a powerful woman is a grounded unshakable woman, just like a solid tree that gets its strength from its roots.
As for “Rebirth”,it reflects the power of love that revives the woman on her wedding day. In “Rebirth”, Naja looked for love in every dress he designed as “Love changes everything and gives rise to a new life and a new dream”

Naja decided to combine these 2 collections in SHOP QATAR 2020 Festival because he believes that the woman is the spirit of the time because she always lives a new life and a new dream through her rebirth

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