Rotaract is a youth program focusing on the members’ self-development process by carrying out projects which help in developing leadership skills.

Rotaract Club of Byblos is characterized by its different projects which include, environmental projects, awareness sessions, workshops and conferences to enlighten the younger generation about their future.

This year, under the patronage of His Excellency The Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Richard Kouyomjian, Rotaract Club of Byblos organized on the 22nd of September 2019, in collaboration with The Municipalities of Ehmej, Mechmech, Annaya and Torzaya, a Free Health Campaign at the Cultural Association’s clinic, Ehmej, on the occasion of World Heart Day.

The campaign equipped by Medline medical, constituted of free instant testing of blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol & triglycerides.

Free check-ups and consultations were given by doctor of dental surgery Dr. Antoine Frem and registered dietician Lara Roukoz.

Gastroentologist Dr. Bassem Akiki and Internal medicine Dr. Aurore Chlela were also available to help with immediate health care questions, consultations and prescriptions.

The successful event had more than 50 people coming from different municipalities who took their exams to know more about their health.

Helping the community getting the right kind of care!