Gunther Rach, who debuted in racing this year, has shown all his energy, aptitude and consistency. He finished second in four races of the six races held until the Prix Heron HVP Hall of Fame, when he showed his potential by winning flag by flag.

Gaea Rach, one of the most promising animals in Purebred Arabian Racing, won her fourth win in the Prix Zells Kate Hall of Fame.

Seventh Arab race of the 2019 calendar, the Prix Heron HVP Hall of Fame has been played at 1,200 meters on dirty, for three years old and upwards without victory; and the Kate Hall of Fame Zells Prize (eighth race) was played at 1,300 meters in dirty for three years old and upwards with up to three wins.

The two races were held on September 21 at the Jardim Cidade Racecourse, São Paulo Jockey Club, sponsored by HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President’s Representative and Chairman of the Emirates Heritage Club (EHC), through the Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC).

In the first race, Heron’s HVP Hall of Fame Prix, Gunther Rach (Eksort Rach X Geneve AJR by Second Chall) had ridden by apprentice jockey J. Severo opened seven lengths ahead of Sammy AJR. Bred and owned by Paul Jamil Saliba through the Rach Stud Agropecuária, Gunther Rach is trained by Lucas Quintana.

“Gunther Rach came from a run of second places and was the favorite to win the race. He did this very firmly and it made us very happy! He is a son of the Eksort Rach (Armagnac X VC Essanda by Bands) a Pure Polish breeder who has successfully completed two 160 km Endurance races. His mother is Geneve AJR who is descended from the Russian mare Gongala (Peleng). So it is a horse bred for sport and the races will give this start in his career”, said Paulo Jamil Saliba.

“Gunther has always been a good horse; he is now maturing with the races and is a very healthy animal. Let’s see how he behaves in the upcoming races in the strongest groups,” commented Lucas Quintana.

AF Saci (AF Maden X AF Ramda by Nesperado) ridden by G. Santos and trained by T. H. Lopes starts last and makes an excellent race. In the final straight entry, AF Saci fight with Sammy AJR (Feitizzo Rach X Sevilha Endurance by Saad Ibn Syed) for second place, but he crosses third.

Sammy AJR, led by apprentice jockey M. Dias, trained by GJ Santos, owned by Rodrigo Schulze and bred by Almir José Ribeiro, Racing Director of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA), in the last few meters opened seven lengths ahead of AF Saci.

At the Zells Kate Hall of Fame Prix, Gaea Rach wins her fourth win. Oneida Rach (Vaillant Rach X Odisseia LC by Hardun) ridden by M. Silva takes first position in the start but is attacked from the outside by Gaea Rach and Mahatma Rach (Sarmata X Magic All Rach by Ulisses Rach) who practically advance together to the opposite straight

In the great curve Gaea Rach opens two lengths ahead of Mahatma Rach who tries to come inside, but Oneida Rach attacks inside taking second place and Velozter (Zapal X Agatha Bint Borneo by Borneo) led by apprentice jockey M. Dias battle with Mahatma Rach for third place.

Gaea Rach, very well led by M. André, opens ten lengths ahead and crosses the finish line with ease.

Gaea Rach (*Almir SWSB X Gigi CRH by More Extrange JP) earns his fourth win in Arab races and her second with jockey Lucas Felipe; trained by Mário André and owned by André Lahoz Mendonça de Barros, is breeding by Rach Stud Agropecuária.

“Gaea is a very brave and fast mare that always makes us very proud in her performances. She is a daughter of Pure Polish *Almir SWSB (Alt X Espmira by Ali Mir), a Halter National Champion and winner of four races in Warsaw. Gaea Rach’s mother is Gigi CRH, a Pure Egyptian. This bloodline shock has certainly upgraded her speed. Today, we consider Gaea the best Purebred Arabian horse in Cidade Jardim,” said breeder Paulo Jamil Saliba.

For trainer Mário André, “Gaea Rach is getting better every day getting her victories with a lot of authority and I hope she keeps going. She looked great after the race. I want to congratulate André Lahoz Mendonça de Barros (owner) for the trust and the brothers Paulo and Ricardo Saliba, from Rach Stud, for the excellent breeding”.

“This afternoon, in Cidade Jardim, it has once again been proven that Arabian Horse Racing is consolidating in Brazil. Our thanks to HARC and HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan for believing in the Classic Arabian Horse races and sponsoring us”, said Almir José Ribeiro, Racing Director of the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association.

The Prix Heron HVP Hall of Fame and Zells Kate Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Heritage Arabian Racing Club (HARC, Abu Dhabi), were organized by the Brazilian Arabian Horse Breeders Association (ABCCA) in partnership with the Jockey Club of São Paulo.

Text and photos: Cidinha Franzão and Porfírio Menezes

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