Saudi Seasons announced the simultaneous launch of Taif and Souda Seasons summer festivals during August 2019, to emphasize the Kingdom’s competitive tourism strategy and highlight the area’s historical and traditional elements, cultural and artistic diversity, as well as its produce of roses, fruit, and honey. The upcoming seasons will include memorable and fun activities for all ages, and is designed to attract Saudi, Arab and international families to participate.

The joint launch of Taif and Souda Seasons under the umbrella of the Saudi Seasons follows the country’s efforts to diversify the national economy by focusing on the tourism sector. This is in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 objectives, and a part of the efforts to improve the quality of life, increase the level of internal spending on tourism, cultural and recreational activities, and contribute to the generation of career and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and SME’s.

Through the integration of efforts and collaboration between public and private sectors, Saudi Seasons aim to establish the status of Taif and make it one of the top tourist destinations in the Arab world, displaying its historical and cultural depth and highlighting its moderate weather in summer. The Seasons will offer Saudi and expatriate families a wide range of quality events in different places throughout Taif, suitable for all ages.

This includes the famous Okaz Souk, which features special literary, cultural and artistic events, in addition to the classical poetry contest ‘Poet of Okaz’. Okaz Souk also includes the Arab Souk, which hosts and features several Arab countries for the first time.

The Taif Season also marks the Crown Prince’s Festival of Camels, a demonstration of Arab civilization. Other activities and events include hiking, roses & fruit festival, Art Street and a series of plays.

All these activations contribute to strengthening Taif’s position as the ‘Arab Summer Resort’ destination with a new look never seen before.

With its unique location, nature, scenic views, distinctive climate and mountainous terrain embracing the clouds, this year’s Souda season will be one of the most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom. This season puts the region’s heritage and cultural treasures, as well as its diverse activities, including adventures such as sky diving and other air sports, with a variety of artistic, musical and entertainment events, on the global stage.

“Through these activities, we aim to put Taif in its natural place as an ‘Arab Summer Resort’ by highlighting the historical heritage, cultural and artistic diversity, while providing quality events and various activities that meet the aspirations of Saudi and resident families and the guests of the Kingdom,” said Noura Al Akil, Director of Taif Season. “In order to provide an exceptional experience for visiting families from the Kingdom, residents and tourists from outside the Kingdom, this year, collaborative efforts have been made by public and private sectors as well as the general community, in addition to participation from a number of Arab countries.”

“The Season searves to reintroduce Taif as the first tourist destination in the Kingdom since its establishment,” she concluded.

Director of Souda Season, Husam Al Deen bin Saleh Al Madani explained that, “Souda Season comes as a result of the Kingdom’s visionary leadership’s push to reinforce the tourism, culture, and entertainment industries, in a bid to increase quality of life for citizens and create a vibrant society, a goal enabled by the Kingdom’s excellent touristic resources.”

Al Madani also highlighted: “Souda Season’s event calendar was designed to put Souda on the cutting edge, and focused on a number of main aspects that shed the light on Souda’s natural, historical, and cultural assets, as well as the immense potential for entertainment and sport activities, considering its excellent climate. The scheduled events include a variety of cultural, sport, and entertainment events, including musical performances, supported by a comprehensive services framework, comprised of accommodation in the local parks of Souda, as well as a selection of premium, international restaurants, and guided tours of Souda and Abha: all elements that come together to constitute a complete and rich experience for visitors.”

The season’s events aim to showcase the tourism infrastructure that is established and growing, and ensure that the service framework necessary to relaunch the tourism sector in Souda is complete.

It is also of note that Taif and Souda Seasons have just launched their social media accounts, in addition to their online platforms on the Saudi Seasons website, where important details regarding both seasons will be released in the coming days.