Edible. Poisonous. Flavorful. It’s the first specie to exist, It’s a mushroom.

Tony Ward got inspired from this most ancient & mysterious creature of the universe, for his Couture Fall Winter 2019/20 collection. The infinite shapes of fungi fascinated the designer and led him to create incredible volumes, while introducing 3D printed garments for the first time. Exploring the mystical world of mushrooms, the organzas are folded in thousands of layers, just like the gill’s lines. The spongy caps are translated into voluminous shapes, while the fil-coupé & silk embroideries follow the thread-like mycelium structure. The collection’s palette ranges from white, deep red, walnut and cerulean blue, immersing us into the forests’ undergrowth. It’s when the layers met the eccentric volumes that the pieces were blossomed, like an invasion of mushrooms in the woods.