A.N. Boukather Motorcycles organized the 1st stage of the 390 Cup at Karting Mania Kousba, with the support of TOTAL and Commercial Insurance and in tribute to late ANB Motorcycles club member Jean Azar.

With the exceptional organization, safe track and expertise, this cup has been one of the most awaited cups claimed by riders in Lebanon.

Within the outstanding atmosphere and cheers of an excited crowd, 12 participants competed with true sportsmanship and professionalism.

The race was divided into two categories clubmen and advanced where KTM riders dominated the podium!

A.N.Boukather Motorcycles 390 Cup highlights year after another the culture of riding as a sport, by bringing together motorcyclists in a challenging yet professional competition on track.

Once again, A.N.Boukather Motorcycles offered an unforgettable “Ready to Race” experience making us impatiently wait for the next stage on June 23 2019!